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XF 900 4S

XF 900 4S
XF 900 4S - view 1XF 900 4S - view 2XF 900 4S - view 3XF 900 4S - view 4

XF 900 4S flight chassis is considered the best of it's category. It's strong steel frame has been running the system many years without any problem. The Monitor system is totally reconfigurable to different modules and setups.

The solid steel chassis can adapt to varying setups and configurations.

Compatibility with the following typical setup:

Pro flight YOKE system, Throttle quadrant, Rudder pedals
2.1 surround sound system
Aircraft control panels on monitors
Mid size PC on chassis
Wireless keyboard and mouse

Monitor Setup/Configuration:
1- Left side view 2 - Right side view 3 - Front view and main panel 4 - Overhead panel

Price: 8,950.00 (8,950.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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