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Visual Scenery Dome Systems
Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 1Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 2Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 3Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 4Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 5Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 6Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 7

Visual Scenery Dome Systems

We offer a very wide range of Fribreglass Visual Dome solutions for simulation. These can be used for Flight Simulators and Driving Simulators. Providing complete immersion and realism in any training environment.

- Ideal for Cockpit trainers.
- Limited shadowing when using a cockpit.
- 3 channel system allows greater clarity.
- Full HD projectors.
- Wrap around visuals using special edge blending technology.
- Limited distortion.
- DOME made of light composite fibre material.
- Easily Transportable.
- Modular design means easy assembly

Our Scenery Dome Systems are available in 3 different sizes.

2.3 metre 180 degree DOME with a small footprint for confined spaces, single seat trainers and trailers.
3 metre 240 degree and 300 degree DOME for with extended peripheral vision for dual and single seat trainers.
4 metre 260 degree and 312 degree DOME for rapid immersion ideal for full cockpit trainers.

Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems
Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems - view 1Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems - view 2Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems - view 3

Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems

We can offer a design service to give you the projection solution for your own simulation system. We offer standard cyclinder screens, horseshoe screens, domes with varying degrees of view. 120 degrees - 240 degrees. We ensure the very best projectors for your visual presentation. HD, UHD & 4K projectors. Standard, Laser or Collimators.

Contact us for further details.

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