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Military F16 Full Cockpit Simulator

Military F16 Full Cockpit Simulator


Configured and ready to go,

12 screens in the cockpit frame + main screen of your
choice (1-3 projectors or LED screen),

ICP keyboard backlit replica,

DED replica,

physical MFDs,

working Head Up Display (HUD), with specially cut,
reflective glass,

Cougar HOTAS (stick and throttle replica with pressure
sensor mode - stick is working like in a real fighter jet)
or Saitek X-65 / X-55,

combat rudder pedals,

ACES ejection seat replica,

Windows based PC Workstation (several graphic cards),
with all needed configuration files,

180 degree screen option (modular, light,
VIPER screen sold separately).

Military Lockheed F35 Fighter

Military Lockheed F35 Fighter

For someone wanting an almost exact replica of the Lockheed martin F-35 Lightning Aircraft together with its vertical takeoff and transitions into horizontal flight, then you are in for a treat. Ideal for research and development and flight modelling.

Combining latest technology, touchscreen monitors and adaptable software, we can noww offer a simulator which will act as the F-35, but it will also allow for variations to other aircraft models, including F-18 Hornet, F-14 Tomcat, A10 Thunderbolt, Eurofighter and also can act as a helicopter simulator. This simulator offers complete flexibility.

You know we love F-16s. But we were ready to deliver more than a BMS simulator. We went after 5th generation fighter and the result is not only F-35 inspired cockpit, but fantastic platform - all military aircraft simulator, for great sim software: FSX, PREPAR3D, DCS WORLD, X-Plane and more.

Designed for 6 touch screens with optional center mounted stick adapter. Don't forget the ejection seat. We are so proud to deliver this stunning model.

Please contact us for any further details mailto: sales@flight-simulators.co.uk

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