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Elite AP4000 Digital Modular Avionics Panel

Elite AP4000 Digital Modular Avionics Panel

The all new enhanced modular AP-4000 is modeled after the most popular avionics stack in aviation history, the King Silver Crown. Offers LED readout without duplicating the NAV stack on screen in the software. Features the Apollo GPS.


COM 1 and COM 2 Radios
NAV 1 and NAV 2 Radios
Standby Frequency COM and NAV Radios
Autopilot/Flight Director
GPS Apollo GX50/55/60/65 Series or Trimble GPS Module
IDENT - COM and NAV Radios
Course, Heading, Altitude, OBS, MDI Selectors
Audio Panel
Assembly kit & Mounting kit included
modular re-arrangeable / re-build to own preferences
Microsoft Flight Simulator Compatible
USB (leads included)

Dimensions: 22x12x44 cm

Requires 2 pcs USB Hub (9 ports total)

Price: 2,200.00 (2,200.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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