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A full copy of our Terms & Conditions is available on request. A copy will be included with all contracts for special orders and bespoke Systems.

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HSTD Helicopter Simulators

HSTD Helicopter Simulators

Our HSTD Helicopter Simulator Range is availabl in many different variants. The New Mini Helicopter is a compact, fully featured single turbine helicopter simulator based on the Airbus AS350B. This system features life size, high resolution instruments, lighted-Bendix/King Silver Crown style avionics, Garmin 430 WAAS simulation, instructor station, and external visual system with large screen display as standard equipment. It utilizes an open and optimized structural construction that is strong and rigid, yet thin enough to fit through a standard door opening for easy transport and integration. The high fidelity flight model will allow you to perform many complex manoeuvres and procedures, everything from the start-up to the shutdown checklists. The Mini Helicopter will enable you to unleash valuable rotary wing training possibilities.

Available in 4 different forms: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and configured as a Robinson R22

Features of the HSTD1 Intermediate
• Cyclic, Collective, levers for Rotor Brake, Fuel Flow, and Fuel Shut­off
• Anti-torque pedals
• High-resolution instrument panel display screen
• Built-in pilot seat
• Bendix/King Silver Crown Avionics
• Inte­grated vir­tual GNS430 WAAS GPS
• Full autopi­lot capa­bil­ity with Flight direc­tor and nav­i­ga­tion cou­pling to VOR & GPS.
• 55-inch LCD mon­i­tor with cus­tom stand
• Graph­i­cal Instructor’s Sta­tion with desk
• Sin­gle Chan­nel Image Gen­er­a­tor
• 2 years full warranty

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