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Aerospace Engineering Simulator
University and college clients have realised the benefits of working with Flight Simulators UK because of our experience and expertise in the sector. We have an extensive portfolio of aerospace engineering simulators specifically designed for the Higher Education syllabus from first year students through to research studies.
Uniquely, we offer a holistic representation of the market. Not only do we sell the widest selection of global flight simulator brands (including pre-owned), we also manufacture our own innovative range of custom-built flight simulators and aerospace engineering devices. Currently, our simulator designs include:
o Airships and Dirigibles
o Air Traffic Control
o Auto Gyros
o Drones
o Gliders
o Hybrid Aircraft
o Jet and Turbo Fan Aircraft (Single & Multi Engine)
o Orbital Space Vehicles
o Rotary Aircraft & Helicopters
o Single, Multi Engine Piston and Turbo Propellor Aircraft

We guarantee the longevity and usefulness of our engineering simulators by ensuring they will easily integrate with "off the shelf" engineering software such as MatLab, Simulink and Flight Gear and that they interface with X-Plane Professional. In this way updates to any of the software packages can be accommodated and bespoke software packages are not necessary.

We can supply both Fixed-Base and Motion-Base simulators ranging from affordable 2-DOF systems up to 6-DOF Motion Platforms in a 360-degree fibreglass dome.
Our display options provide cost-effective solutions that can be tailored to the client's budget. From projection systems offering cylinder screens, dome screens or standard flat panel screens; large LED/LCD screens; Virtual Reality systems through to High-Fidelity Immersive display systems.

Over many years of working with the HE sector Flight Simulators UK has developed the technical expertise and insight which allows us to design and develop a custom-built simulator solution for individual clients. We actively listen to what our clients are telling us and then give information, advice and guidance as to what will best meet their needs and fit with their budget.
Please contact us in confidence if you'd like to discuss potential projects.

University VR & MR Multiconfigurable Simulator
University VR & MR Multiconfigurable Simulator - view 1University VR & MR Multiconfigurable Simulator - view 2University VR & MR Multiconfigurable Simulator - view 3University VR & MR Multiconfigurable Simulator - view 4University VR & MR Multiconfigurable Simulator - view 5University VR & MR Multiconfigurable Simulator - view 6University VR & MR Multiconfigurable Simulator - view 7

University VR & MR Multiconfigurable Simulator


We have designed a simulator which can offer all the benefits of compactness, versatility and space limitations.

This Single Seat Simulator offers itself as a Virtual Reality Simulator with the option of a Motion Platform. Designed to offer modularity, you can buy this system in its basic form, and then add enhancements as budget becomes available.

Available in 3 configurations:

* Fixed Base Mixed Reality Single Seat System
* 3DOF Motion Based Mixed Reality Single Seat System
* 6DOF Motion Based Based Mixed Reality Single Seat System

Multi Configurations provide the following Aircraft Configurations

Helicopter System
Fighter Cockpit
Civil Aircraft
Drone Pilot Seat

We can offer a range of Virtual Reality Headset Options including Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, HP Reverb and also the top of the range Varjo VR Headsets.

Please contact us for further details. sales@flight-simulators.co.uk

Dual Seat Open Cockpit System
Dual Seat Open Cockpit System - view 1Dual Seat Open Cockpit System - view 2Dual Seat Open Cockpit System - view 3Dual Seat Open Cockpit System - view 4Dual Seat Open Cockpit System - view 5Dual Seat Open Cockpit System - view 6Dual Seat Open Cockpit System - view 7Dual Seat Open Cockpit System - view 8

Dual Seat Open Cockpit System

One of our recent projects for a University Engineering Simulator is this Open Cockpit Dual Seat device.

Designed to offer a flexible multi configuration for Fixed Wing Aircraft with a choice of aircarft masks & rotaries sited on the left side and a Fighter / Space Craft configuration on the right side.

Control Loadings Flight controls will give force feedback to the Yoke abd Rudder pedals.

Touchscreen technology allows practical use without mouse and keyboard.

An Instructors Operating Station is located with the centre screen.

Horseshoe shaped Cylindrical Projection screen with 2/3 Projectors. (Optional 4K resolutions achievable)

Various screen options and craft instrumentation options for Fixed Wing, Helicopter when used with the Sidestick/HOTAS System, Space Avionics.

Integration with Matlab, Simulink and FlightGear for use with existing University software.

Contact us for further details.

FSTD1 Training Device
FSTD1 Training Device - view 1FSTD1 Training Device - view 2FSTD1 Training Device - view 3FSTD1 Training Device - view 4FSTD1 Training Device - view 5FSTD1 Training Device - view 6FSTD1 Training Device - view 7FSTD1 Training Device - view 8FSTD1 Training Device - view 9FSTD1 Training Device - view 10FSTD1 Training Device - view 11

FSTD1 Training Device

FSTD-1 Training Device
Flight Simulators UK designed and developed the innovative Flight Training Device - the FSTD-1. Manufactured at our factory in the UK, the FSTD-1 is portable, robust and versatile. It is suitable for both pilot training and for university/college use including:
" Aerospace Engineering (with plugin)
" Aviation Studies
" Basic Flight Training
" Instrument Training
" Pilot Experience
" Pilot Studies - Fixed Wing and Rotary
" Research & Aircraft Design (with plugin)
" Virtual Reality

Options and uses

" The FSTD-1 has several radio options including Avidyne Integra, Garmin GNS430/530, G500/G600, GTN650/750, G1000, G3000, G3X Touchscreens.
" Adaptations are also available for Cirrus (sidestick), Diamond (centre stick), Standard Yoke, Control Loading Controls, Helicopters (Cyclic & Collective)

The FSTD-1 is capable of Multiple Aircraft Configurations
Single engine piston aircraft: Aquila, Cessna 152, Cessna 172P, Cessna 172R, Cessna 172S, Cessna 182, Cessna 182RG, Cessna 182T, Cessna T182T, Cessna 206H, Cessna T206H, Beechcraft Bonanza, Beechcraft Bonanza TC, Piper Warrior II, Piper Archer III, Piper Arrow III, Piper Arrow III TC, Piper Arrow IV, Piper Arrow IV TC, Piper Cub, Piper Malibu Mirage, Mooney 201, Mooney 231, Mooney 252, Diamond DA20, Diamond DA40, Grob Tutor

Multi Engine Piston Cessna 414A, Cessna 421C, Beechcraft Baron, Beechcraft Baron TC, Beechcraft Duchess, Beechcraft Travel Air, Piper Seminole, Piper Seminole TC, Piper Seneca V, Diamond DA42,

Turboprop aircraft: King Air C90, King Air A100, King Air 350, Super King Air B200, Beechliner 1900D, Piper Cheyenne, Cessna Caravan, Pilatus PC12, TBM950

Jet aircraft: Cessna Citation 501, Cessna Citation 525, Cessna Citation 550, Citation Mustang, Phenom 100/300,

Turbofan Aircraft: Boeing B737, Airbus 320

Prices start from £14,000 plus VAT

FSTD2 Engineering Simulator
FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 1FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 2FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 3FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 4FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 5FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 6FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 7FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 8FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 9FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 10FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 11

FSTD2 Engineering Simulator

FSTD-2 Engineering Simulator
Our FSTD-2 Engineering Simulator was purposely created with Universities, Colleges and Schools in mind. This Engineering Simulator is a practical and versatile device which integrates with standard "off the shelf" Engineering Software such as MatLab, Simulink and FlightGear.

The FSTD-2 is deceptively simple in design. It empowers students by enabling the freedom to experiment with new designs and concepts relatively unsupervised. The FSTD-2 simulator yields all the data required for analysis. It can be used to provide Pilot Studies; Flight & Navigational Training; Engineering Testing and Analysis of Systems; Flight Dynamics and Power and Performance. The FSTD-2 is flexible enough to meet most of the demands in education with no limit to the options and types of aircraft available.

The FSTD-2 comes complete with fibreglass cockpit, control loading yoke & pedals, leather seat, digital avionics and optional aircraft specific instrument masks. The simulator can be configured with interchangeable throttles and varying avionics options.

Available in the following configurations:
Drones, Single Engine Piston, Mult Engine, Turbo Prop, Jet Engine, Turbofan, Tilt Rotor, Electrically Powered aircraft as well as the full range of Rotary Aircraft and UAVs.

Various visual options are available including TV/Monitors, Cylinder Projection Screens, Dome Projection Screens and Virtual Reality.

Contact us now to see how we can support your Aerospace & Engineering Degree Programmes.

Starting from £23,000 plus VAT

Click her for more details

Cessna C172 Simulators
Cessna C172 Simulators - view 1Cessna C172 Simulators - view 2Cessna C172 Simulators - view 3Cessna C172 Simulators - view 4Cessna C172 Simulators - view 5Cessna C172 Simulators - view 6Cessna C172 Simulators - view 7Cessna C172 Simulators - view 8Cessna C172 Simulators - view 9

Cessna C172 Simulators

Cessna C172 Simulators
We offer a range of Cessna C172 Simulators which can replicate your standard training aircraft with Standard Analog Instrumentation or G1000 Glass Cockpit solutions. A stable workhorse for universities allowing early student teaching of the fundamentals of flight and performance.

Visual solutions offered include the choice of 2 metre, 3 metre, 3.5 metre and 4 metre Cylindrical Projection Screens comprising optional horseshoe extensions to allow viewing outside of the Pilot and Co-Pilot windows or alternatively Single Channel or Dual Channel Dome.

Contact us for further details.

Twin Seat Cockpit Engineering Simulator
Twin Seat Cockpit Engineering Simulator - view 1Showing our optional Garmin G1000 screens.Twin Seat Cockpit Engineering Simulator - view 3Twin Seat Cockpit Engineering Simulator - view 4Twin Seat Cockpit Engineering Simulator - view 5Twin Seat Cockpit Engineering Simulator - view 6Twin Seat Cockpit Engineering Simulator - view 7

Twin Seat Cockpit Engineering Simulator

Twin Seat Cockpit Engineering Simulator
The recently developed Twin Seat Cockpit Engineering Simulator is perfect for Universities and Colleges. The system provides an affordable solution for Aerospace and Engineering Departments and gives students the capability to design their own aircraft, helicopter, drone, glider, space vehicle and airships.

This Engineering Simulator can be configured for single engine or multi engine operation, using our wide range of throttle quadrants. These compact cockpits can also be configured for Helicopter operations.

We can offer a wide choice of instrument layouts including aircraft, helicopter, Glass Cockpit Instruments and HUD based instruments for aerial drone work. Additionally, our systems can be configured with military style cockpit layouts using touchscreen instrumentation and controls as well as programmable and reconfigurable joysticks.

Using up to date professional flight simulator software and our plugins for Matlab & Simulink, you can be sure that with this Engineering Simulator your department will offer the finest resources to attract the best students.

Our visual options allow Single Screen, Triple Screen, Cylindrical Projection Screen and Domed Projection Screen solutions. If you prefer we also offer 4K visual quality. To future proof our systems, they are all Virtual Reality ready.

Finally, add a Motion Platform to enhance your device. 2DOF, 3DOF & 6DOF motion is available for this system.

Starting from £35,000 plus VAT

Virtual Reality in Simulation
Virtual Reality in Simulation - view 1Virtual Reality in Simulation - view 2Virtual Reality in Simulation - view 3Virtual Reality in Simulation - view 4Virtual Reality in Simulation - view 5Virtual Reality in Simulation - view 6Virtual Reality in Simulation - view 7

Virtual Reality in Simulation

Virtual Reality in Simulation
Virtual Reality can have many benefits. For example, when space is at a premium, use the latest VR headsets to minimise the footprint necessary for your test platforms and workstations. A VR headset in conjunction with one of our simulation seats negates the need for expensive external visuals and provides a cost-effective solution for your University or College.

Using advanced display technology combined with precise, low-latency constellation tracking system to create the sensation of presence for a spectacular virtual-reality session. Software is available to create an entirely new perspective for a totally immersive session. VR is becoming more prevalent in educational departments and will add a new dimension to your courses.

Please contact us to discuss details

Desktop Engineering Systems
Desktop Engineering Systems - view 1Desktop Engineering Systems - view 2Desktop Engineering Systems - view 3Desktop Engineering Systems - view 4

Desktop Engineering Systems

Desktop Engineering Systems
Desktop systems can be used in any University department including Aerospace, Engineering and Motoring.

Desktop Engineering Systems are ideal for test and analysis with flight modelling, environmental changes and combustion. They can be integrated with flight controls or driving controls giving the flexibility and versatility often required in an educational setting. One device does it all.

Our CAT III Desktop builds upon the success of our popular CAT II system. With added features like a manual and electric trim wheel, panel surface lighting, digital clock/timer and more, we have taken the BATD to the next level. The inclusion of the Instructor's Operating Station (IOS) as a standard feature provides complete control of the simulation. The ability to log instrument experience (currency) on this system further enhances its versatility and affordability. The System is fully upgradeable to a CAT III ProPanel, CR-12 AATD or CR-12 AATD ProPanel system.

The System is compatible with X-Plane Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martin P3D & MSFS2020. All of our desktop systems will integrate with Matlab, Simulink and Flight Gear.

" C2 Professional Flight Console
" Single Engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture
" Multi-Engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture
" Cirrus Rudder Pedals (General Aviation)
" Digital Avionics Standard
" PFC 430W GPS Control Interface
" Reality XP Professional GNS 430W/530W XP Software
" X-Plane Professional Software
" 24" Widescreen LCD Display (Pilot's)
" 24" Widescreen LCD Display (Instructor's Operating Station)
" Computer System Extreme w/ SATA Drive
" Back-up System Hard Drive
" 33 Aircraft (Single and Multi-Engine) Fleet
" Digital Avionics Enhanced
" PFC 530W GPS Module
" Instructor's Operating Station (IOS) Desk
" FlightLine Seat
" FlightStation Adjustable Table
" Leather Pilot's Seat w/ Static Base
" Turboprop Add-on Kit for Desktop Systems
" Jet Add-on Kit for Desktop Systems

Prices start from £14,500 for a complete system

Single Seat / Dual Seat Simulator Systems
Single Seat / Dual Seat Simulator Systems - view 1Single Seat / Dual Seat Simulator Systems - view 2Single Seat / Dual Seat Simulator Systems - view 3Single Seat / Dual Seat Simulator Systems - view 4Single Seat / Dual Seat Simulator Systems - view 5Single Seat / Dual Seat Simulator Systems - view 6

Single Seat / Dual Seat Simulator Systems

Simulation Seats are useful for Flight, Driving and Aerial projects. The flight chassis is designed to use joystick flight control systems as well as desktop flight consoles.

The XF200 Flight Seat is our entry level flight seat which provides a research platform with a very compact footprint allowing students and academics to implement flight modelling tests with integrated software and hardware. In University Research programs, this station can be used for Aeronautical use when combined with a one of our many Flight Consoles, Rudder Pedals and external visual systems, (single monitor up to 65", multi monitor 3/4 x 32" or external projection screen) providing a perfect environment for exploring minds.

You can also configure your XF 200, can integrate with yokes, joysticks, side sticks, rudder pedals, sound system and is also adaptable to be used as a driving simulator with motor vehicles, trucks, military vehicles. As a control station, the range of uses can also extend to Oceanic uses of driving submersibles and surface shipping. The uses of this platform are tenfold.

For more information please click here

Single Seat Engineering Flight Simulator in Cockpit
Single Seat Engineering Flight Simulator in Cockpit - view 1Single Seat Engineering Flight Simulator in Cockpit - view 2Single Seat Engineering Flight Simulator in Cockpit - view 3Single Seat Engineering Flight Simulator in Cockpit - view 4Single Seat Engineering Flight Simulator in Cockpit - view 5Single Seat Engineering Flight Simulator in Cockpit - view 6Single Seat Engineering Flight Simulator in Cockpit - view 7

Single Seat Engineering Flight Simulator in Cockpit

Our New Single Seat Engineering Flight Simulator has been released.

Touchscreen modular system starting at less than £30,000 which is expandable to a complete solution. Can be integrated with your own existing systems and software to enable low cost enhancement to your college facilities

Affordable, low cost, low maintenance system offers the flexibility to operate as a flight simulator, and also as an engineering simulator to allow student research and development to be tested. Educational benefits which can also be used in a military ebvironment. Can be used with side stick, HOTAS joystick, throttle unit, cyclic, rudder pedals and torque pedals when used in an rotary environment.

Visual System serviced with single screen, multi screen or curved projection screen offering varying levels of fidelity and perspectives. .... please ask for details.

Capable of integrating with Simulink, Matlab, Mathworks, Lockheed Martin P3D, X-Plane Professional, DCS World & Microsoft FSX.

» Create custom concept instrument display designs for evaluation

» Create and inject custom errors (i.e. map shift, subtle failures)

» Extract flight data parameters (airspeed, altitude, heading, power etc.) and pass them to
external computers for students to observe, log and analyse in real time

» Modify the flight characteristics of aircraft to demonstrate unusual circumstances (i.e. neutral
or negative stability)

» Real Time Parameter adjustments allowing aircraft characteristics and systems to be altered and tested during live flight. (Only available on Matlab flight model).

» Integrate pilot monitoring systems, such as eye tracking cameras and physiological monitoring

» Generally support research trials easily
(i.e. quick scenario generation and control)

* Aerodynamics * Avionics & Systems * Aircraft Flight Modelling * Flight Data Recording * Aircraft Design & Behaviour * Rotary Aircraft * Drones *Space Technology Research * Propulsion * Acoustics * Stress Analytics * Environment

Fixed base or Motion Base simulatorsoffering 2DOF, 3DOF and 6DOF Motion Systems. The single, expandable solution for all Universities, Colleges & Schools.

We have a lot of experience with Universities in meeting the demanding needs of the departments. We can advise, design and develop a complete bespoke solution which will futureproof your department and help you to attract the most lucrative and highly talented students.

Our designs range to include

# Gliders
# Single, Multi Engined Piston and Turbo Propellor Aircraft
# Jet and Turbo Fan Aircraft (Single & MultiEngine)
# Rotary Aircraft, Drones & Helicopters.
# Airships and Dirigables
# Space Simulators
# Hybrid Aircraft Simulators

Avionics Systems can include Hardware Design Simulators, Avionics Systems Testing, Operational Training, Avionics Integration coupled with Autopilot Control of Aircraft.

Our Display options accommodate affordability and screens and projection right through to the High Fidelity Immersive display systems associated with my more expensive systems. We can tailor a system that works to your ever decreasing budgets offering maximum value for money.


Single Seat Configurable Simulator
Single Seat Configurable Simulator - view 1Single Seat Configurable Simulator - view 2Single Seat Configurable Simulator - view 3Single Seat Configurable Simulator - view 4Single Seat Configurable Simulator - view 5

Single Seat Configurable Simulator

Our very latest product to join our successful range of simulators for Universities, Colleges and Schools. It is so versatile that it can be used for Flight Training or Driver Training too.

As an Engineering Simulator, our Professional Software integrates very easily with Matlab®, one of the most popular design software used extensively in Universities, to send realtime data from the simulator. Millions of Engineers and Scientists Trust MATLAB. MATLAB combines a desktop environment tuned for interative analysis and design processes with a programming language that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly.

Offering a wide choice of Visual Sceneryt screen options to include Single LED Monitor, Triple Monitor, Small Cylindrical Projection Screen and large Dome Projection Screen.

Integrate with Model-Based Design. MATLAB works with Simulink to support Model-Based Design, which is used for multidomain simulation, automatic code generation, and test and verification of embedded systems.

This device can be used in both Engineering Design, Flight Training, Driver Training and more recently Virtual Realisty scenarios. We are currently working on militaryu adaptations for this device to simulate fighter aircraft including F16, F18, BAE Hawk, AV8B Harrier and other types of aircarft. Also, we are currently developing a Helicopter version. Please contact us for further details.

Starting from £25000 plus VAT
Delivery time - 4 Weeks

A very affordable option helping to spread restricted budgets stretch giving full value for money. To enquire about this product, please get in touch.

MultiConfigurable Simulators
MultiConfigurable Simulators - view 1MultiConfigurable Simulators - view 2MultiConfigurable Simulators - view 3MultiConfigurable Simulators - view 4MultiConfigurable Simulators - view 5MultiConfigurable Simulators - view 6MultiConfigurable Simulators - view 7MultiConfigurable Simulators - view 8MultiConfigurable Simulators - view 9MultiConfigurable Simulators - view 10

MultiConfigurable Simulators

We design and manufacture a very wide range of flight simulators for Universities & Colleges for integration into educational programs.

These devices can be used for:

Pilot Studies - Fixed Wing and Rotary
Aviation Studies
Pilot Experience
Aerospace Engineering
Virtual Reality
Aerospace Engineering

Additionally, we can also incorporate the devices to work with MatLabs, SimuLink and other University engineering programs. (Please ask for details)

Single Engine Fixed Wing
Mult - Engine Fixed Wing
Rotary Wing

Optional: 3DOF/6DOF Motion Platform if preferred. Control Loaded Yokes and Rudder Pedals

Choice of Visual Solutions to include TV's/Monitors, Cylindrical Projection Screen, Dome Projection Screen, Vitual Reality Options available.

Please ask for further details.

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