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Visual Scenery Dome Systems
Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 1Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 2Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 3Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 4Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 5Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 6Visual Scenery Dome Systems - view 7

Visual Scenery Dome Systems

We offer a very wide range of Fribreglass Visual Dome solutions for simulation. These can be used for Flight Simulators and Driving Simulators. Providing complete immersion and realism in any training environment.

- Ideal for Cockpit trainers.
- Limited shadowing when using a cockpit.
- 3 channel system allows greater clarity.
- Full HD projectors.
- Wrap around visuals using special edge blending technology.
- Limited distortion.
- DOME made of light composite fibre material.
- Easily Transportable.
- Modular design means easy assembly

Our Scenery Dome Systems are available in 3 different sizes.

2.3 metre 180 degree DOME with a small footprint for confined spaces, single seat trainers and trailers.
3 metre 240 degree and 300 degree DOME for with extended peripheral vision for dual and single seat trainers.
4 metre 260 degree and 312 degree DOME for rapid immersion ideal for full cockpit trainers.

To view our range of Dome Projection Screen Solutions - Click here

Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems
Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems - view 1Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems - view 2Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems - view 3Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems - view 4Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems - view 5

Cylindrical Screens & Projection Systems

We can offer a design service to give you the projection solution for your own simulation system. We offer standard cyclinder screens, horseshoe screens, domes with varying degrees of view. 120 degrees - 240 degrees. We ensure the very best projectors for your visual presentation. HD, UHD & 4K projectors. Standard, Laser or Collimators.

Contact us for further details.

TV & Monitor Solutions
TV & Monitor Solutions - view 1TV & Monitor Solutions - view 2TV & Monitor Solutions - view 3TV & Monitor Solutions - view 4TV & Monitor Solutions - view 5TV & Monitor Solutions - view 6TV & Monitor Solutions - view 7TV & Monitor Solutions - view 8

TV & Monitor Solutions

We offer a range of TV or Monitor solutions for your simulators and presentation needs.

These include free standing Monitors, Desktop Monitor systems and Wall Mounted Monitor Systems.

One Screen through to Seven Screen setups.

21" - 75" TV/Monitors.

Also, we can provide standard High Definition (HD) through to 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) and very soon 8K solutions.

We can offer the TV/Monitor Solution for you to include all the elements necessary including TV/Monitors, Support Mounts & Frames, Computer PC specifications to meet the demands of your simulator as well as an installation and training service.

Our staff are avialble to discuss you needs in more detail.

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