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XF 450 TRP

XF 450 TRP
XF 450 TRP - view 1XF 450 TRP - view 2XF 450 TRP - view 3XF 450 TRP - view 4XF 450 TRP - view 5XF 450 TRP - view 6XF 450 TRP - view 7

XF450TRP Flight Seat designed to use yoke or stick flight control system on a ergonomic platform with wider view.

Whether flying Commercial Airlliners like B737, B777 or B747 Jumbo Jet, or a more simple passenger plane or a small aircraft, this system will accommodatel. The XF450TRP has 3 monitors to give you more wider view compare to standar XF450 Single.

The solid steel chassis can adapt to varying setups and configurations.

Compatibility with the following typical setup:

Pro flight YOKE system, Throttle quadrant, Rudder pedal.
2.1 surround sound system.
Aircraft control panels on monitors.
Triple monitor system for a wider view.
Mid size PC on chassis.
Wireless keyboard and mouse.

Compatible with television or projection.

Price: 6,995.00 (6,995.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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