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VF Switcho Engines

VF Switcho Engines
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PRE-ORDER Now for delivery October 2022

Plug&Fly product, no configuration is required.
For advanced users: Any OFF/ON toggle button can be customized to the user's preferences.
FULL metal construction.
Rotaries & switches with a ultra-high life cycle.
It includes anti-slip systems for a better grip over any surface.
It includes anti-tip systems to avoid any tilt and keep in a steady vertical position.
Realistic feel thanks to the quality of the materials, strong and reliable switches and rotaries.
Designed for Single &Twin engine Piston and Turboprop aircraft.
The entire housing is removable so that the module can be fitted in any cockpit panel by means of 4/6 screws.
You can position it in a vertical or horizontal layout as it is divided into 2 modules.
Module content:
Master Battery
Master Avionics (2u)
ALT/GEN (2u)
5 position Ignition keys with momentany START position (piston engines) (2u)
START button (turbo-prop engines) (2u)
AUTO IGNITION (turbo-prop engines) (2u)

Product Dimensions (with packing): L 250mm / W 210mm / H 180mm
Product Weight (with packing): 2 Kg
Connectivity: USB (cable included)
Software Compatibility



OS Compatibility


SWITCHO engines | technical cutout

Price: 725.00 (725.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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