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VF Boeing 737NG

VF Boeing 737NG

Boeing 737 cabin made of steel structures, aluminum and fiberglass interior finishes.

The cabin is manufactured in pieces that are easily transportable to any part of the world. Parts are easily assembled using included M4 hardware. 90% of the structure can be assembled by a single person.

Rugged, professional build with textured black oven-cured powder paint on the exterior and Boeing colors on the interior.

Both the interior window frames, as well as the roof panels and side panels, are created in fiberglass with gel coat and painted in their corresponding colors (the windows do not close or include glass or closures).

The platform where the cabin structure rests is made of steel, with a robust modular structure and a galvanized sheet floor, with wheels that allow the cabin assembly to be easily moved, as well as to fix it in place by locking the wheels. It also has a hole to install double Yokes joined together.

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