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TRC Simulators Gauges and Instruments

TRC Simulators Gauges and Instruments

TRC Simulators Gauges and Instruments are accurate reproductions of the originals, without concessions! Therefore you cannot only perfectly practice IFR flights, but the products of TRC Simulators also let you make yourself familiar with operating instruments and with their position on the panel. This means more effective use of practice time and safer flight! TRC Simulators has developed an entirely new concept for the production of flight simulators

Many years of experience
The TRC Simulators instruments are the result of many years of experience in producing flight simulator instruments. Thousands of cockpit builders around the world are using the Simkits flight simulators and instruments. Their feedback have helped us to create the best products available!

Where others take existing instruments and modify them for use with simulators, or just used LCD screens, TRC Simulators has redesigned and redeveloped flight instruments from scratch especially for simulator use. Serialised production of these instruments makes it possible to offer a flight simulator whose cockpit is identical to that of the original aircraft, for the same price as most LCD-based imitations of instruments that you find elsewhere.

The TRC Simulators instruments and gauges are connected to your computer system via their own USB controller and don’t need a seperate controller to work.

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