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TRC 472G Flight Deck

TRC 472G Flight Deck

The TRC 472G Flight Deck is designed to be used at home or at flight schools to train students using the aircraft and to learn them to recognize the function of all instruments present in a fully Glass Cockpit equiped Cessna 172 Skyhawk aircraft and to experience all aspects of flying single engine aircraft. The TRC 472G Flight Deck can be placed onto a table.

Flight Simulator Software
The TRC 472G Flight Deck is controlled via Prepar3D, Microsoft FSX and FS9 and X-Plane. We have a SDK available to interface our instruments with your own proprietary flight simulator software. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The TRC 472G Flight Deck is so realistic that you can hardly tell the difference between the simulator and the real aircraft. Modelled after the popular Cessna 172 Skyhawk, all details are precisely reproduced according to the exact dimensions of the original panel and they can be found in exactly the same position. Using gauges and avionics modelled after the original, and designed to be driven from a Personal Computer, the TRC 472-G Flight Deck is the ultimate training device for pilots. The TRC 472G Flight Deck is a product out of a complete line of training devices, and comes complete with the TRC Professional Rudder Pedals. An additional cockpit enclosure and visual. Training with the TRC 472G Flight Deck is extremely close to reality, but much more economic and fun.

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