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TRC 1000 Complete Cockpit

TRC 1000 Complete Cockpit

The TRC1000 is a 100% scale replica of a popular Glass Cockpit System as found in many modern aircraft. The display functionality is supported by Microsoft’s professional Simulation Platform ESP, by Flight Simulator FSX and (with additional software packages from third parties) for Microsoft FS9. Together with Flight 1 Aviation Technologies, the TRC 1000 Complete Glass Cockpit works perfectly with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D.

The hardware is produced from quality ABS using plastic injection molding and high quality electronics. All buttons and rotary encoders work as you expect them to do, even the Joystick function on the right hand side of the PFD and MFD bezel is implemented (the functioality of rotaries and buttons is limited to the functionality available in Microsoft FSX).
The high resolution TFT screens of the PFD and MFD displays can be connected to additional video ports on your PC. The MFD and PFD displays each have a single USB connection, through which connection the control of the knobs, pushbuttons, SD Card interfaces and the video information is accomplished.

Each display unit (PFD or MFD) has 2 SD Card slots, which are recognized by the computer connected as 2 additional disk drives. 4 SD Cards of 1 Gigabyte are included in the complete system.

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