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Solo Airliner RS (Complete Package)

Solo Airliner RS (Complete Package)
Solo Airliner RS (Complete Package) - view 1Solo Airliner RS (Complete Package) - view 2Solo Airliner RS (Complete Package) - view 3Solo Airliner RS (Complete Package) - view 4

Included in this package is the full compliment of Solo Airliner RS together with the Pilot Deck seating and computer table to accommodate PC, Mouse, Keyboard and TV Visual System. (As seen at the recent RAF Cosford Flight Sim Show)

Package includes the following:

Solo Airliner RS Flight Panel,
Pilot Deck Seat Unit
Ruddo Rudder Pedals
Yoko Yoke
6TQ Plus Throttle
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
49" 4K TV,
i7-9700 PC with high end graphics card
Mini PC for instrument Panel

Price: 13,500.00 (13,500.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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