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Rudder Pedals with proportional brake system

Rudder Pedals with proportional brake system

The Rudder Pedals with Proportional Brake System are an exact replica of the rudder pedals found in many aircraft. Produced from a stainless steel rudder system with die-cast aluminium rudder pedals (original aircraft parts) and a powder coated, 3 mm. thick stainless steel case, these rudder pedals are really heavy duty! The proprotional toe brake system let you use the brake to control the aircraft when on the ground precisely. The Rudder Pedal System is the only one on the market resembling the original parallel travel as in real aircraft.

The Rudder Pedal system is equipped with an AD Converter, which translates the analog signal to a digital signal. This AD converter improves the precision of the potentiometers enormously from 256 steps to 1024 steps for each potentiometer. The rudder pedals can be connected to your PC via USB and is recognized under USB as a standard control device by the PC. Therefore you can use it with any flight simulator software.

Price: 895.00 (895.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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