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PS-6TL-2500 6DOF Motion Platform System - Pro Series

PS-6TL-2500 6DOF Motion Platform System - Pro Series

Pro series, linear actuators, meets JAA and FAA Level-D specification, payload 2500kg

Full electric Stewart Platform designed for full flight cabin mounting on upper frame.
General Information

Platforms are suitable for large size flight simulators with 6DoF motion system requirements
Vehicle Training Simulators for up to 6-8 people
Large size Military Training Simulators for up to 4 people
Large size Mining Equipment Simulators
Entertainment simulators up to 18 people

Mechanical Specification

Architecture: 6 Degrees of Freedom
Actuation: Fully Electric / Parallel Motors
Nominal Width (parked): 2520 mm
Nominal Length (parked): 2360 mm
Nominal Height (parked): 1160 mm
Approx Unit weight: 1100 kg
Anchoring Specification: required for this motion unit

Performance Specification

Payload mass limit: 2500 kg
Payload CG horizontal offset: Less than 50mm from centroid of Flying Platform
Payload CG vertical offset : Less than 600mm high from top of Flying Platform
Payload Max Floor Size: 2000 mm x 2000 mm

Motion Specification

Indep. Heave (disp. / vel. / accel.): ±330 mm, ±400 mm/s, ±8m/s2
Indep. Pitch (disp. / vel. / accel.): (+30° -27°), 25°/s, 300°/s2
Indep. Roll (disp. / vel. / accel.): ±24°, 29°/s, 300°/s2
Indep. Yaw (disp. / vel. / accel.): ±34°, 30°/s, 300°/s2
Indep. Surge (disp. / vel. / accel.): ±275 mm, 600 mm/s, 8 m/s2
Indep. Sway (disp. / vel. / accel.): ±330 mm, 400 mm/s, 8 m/s2

Electrical Specification

Power Supply Requirements: 380 VAC Three Phase
Power Consumption: 18 kW
Connection type: USB 2.0
Controller communication freq. 200 Hz

Please contact us for pricing.

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