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Next Level V2 Motion Platform

Next Level V2 Motion Platform

External Design

Completely revised in terms of appearance to also cater for internal power supply and internal micro controller. We have made it easier to adapt to other brands or DIY cockpits with more mounting points

Speed - If speed of the unit is your preference the V2 max speed is 200% faster than V1

Tactile Feedback - Vibration features simulating turbulance, runway bumps, engine vibrations, acceleration, collisions, rubs & bumps. We use in game telemetry data delivering true and accurate feedback

Noise - The V1 already leading the market, we have decreased the noise and made the V2 even quieter

Electromagnetic Aircraft Brakes - Usually only used in high fidelity and high cost commercial motion platforms this feature prevents any undesired movement of the seat if the platform is switched off.

Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2 - An incredible groundbreaking product taking flight simulation to a complete new level

There are very few moments in the gaming and technology industry that just cause everyone to stop and imagine the unimaginable. The products that push the envelope on what we believe is possible and what is unheard of. We at Next Level Racing believe that the Motion Platform V2 is that product. Feel every bump, rumble strip, G-forces, acceleration, braking and impact to add incredible immersion to your flight experience. Next Level Racing partnered with world leading professional motion engineers, software developers and commercial simulation companies to provide the most advanced and best value professional consumer platform in the world. Our engineers and software developers behind the Next Level Racing Motion products provide commercial solutions for advanced military training in global global defence forces.

The platform comes complete with simple to use click and play software compatible with all major flight simulation software on PC. All settings are completely adjustable with a simple click of the mouse. As well as consumer use the Next Level Racing Motion Platform is also used by professional for flight training.

Leading Features of The Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2

Incredibly Fast and accurate yet smooth realistic movements using professional motion cueing profile
Platform also delivers vibration and feedback to simulate runway & grass bumps, surface texture, vibrations, changes in acceleration, collisions, rubs and bumps using accurate in flight telemetry data
Unique compact design meaning no extra floor space required
Simple to use being a direct USB plug in with Professional Click and Play Software
Quality European Engineering and Manufacturing
Click and Play Compatible with almost every Racing and Flight Game as well as constant software updates to support new games that hit the market

Professional use for Events, VR & Commercial applications

SDK is available at an extra cost allowing 3rd party software integration and adding motion to Virtual Reality projects. For more info please contact us

Our high quality product is also suitable for commercial use
What’s Included

Next Level Racing Motion Platform
USB cable
Power Cable
Professional Software Click and Play Software
Instructions for Quick and Easy Setup


Supported Height - 120 cm Children to 210cm Adults
Supported Max Weight - 130 KG
Product Dimensions - L 32 x W 46 x H 20 CM
Product Weight - 21KG
Boxed Dimensions - 49 X 48 X 21 CM
Boxed Weight - 24 KG
Part Number NLR-M001

Compatible Games

The Next Level Motion Platform is basically compatible with all major flight titles on PC. Our software is continuously getting updated with new compatible titles as they hit the market and our list of compatible games will continue growing.

Flight Software Compatibility

Digital Combat Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
X-Plane 9, 10
IL2 Sturmovik

Our software also has "direct input controller"function meaning you can run the motion platform directly from feedback from your yoke, flight controls or even gamepad. This means for example with a joystick the platform will read movements directly from your joystick to control the platform simultaneously

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