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NLR GTUltimate V2 Simulator Cockpit

NLR GTUltimate V2 Simulator Cockpit

- Revolutionary custom designed Racing Seat that reclines back and forth to give you the comfort of an ultimate bucket seat whilst giving you the wrap around realism of a race car seat.
- Extra Large Seat to fit children all the way to 42" waist adults
- Four Point Next Level Racing harness included to make racing as real as being on the race track
- Super thick back and seating cushions for ultimate comfort and extra lumbar support

The World’s Most Advanced Racing Simulator at an Incredible Price!

Having served THOUSANDS of Sim Racing Customers our expert design team has used valuable feedback from customers and professionals to bring you THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED SIMULATOR. Our design team started working on the patented GTultimate design since early 2010 and didn’t stop until we could deliver the most advanced simulator ever seen.

This revolutionary design caters for all and can be adapted to a racing simulator, flight simulator or gaming cockpit. The GTUltimate is the ULTIMATE simulator that has every feature you could ask for, quality that you thought you could never afford and realism you thought wasn't possible.

Racing Simulator Revolutionary Racing Seat that reclines back and forth for Ultimate comfort and includes 4 point racing harness
Racing Simulator Absolutely Rock Solid Design
Racing Simulator Can easily be separated into 2 halves to transport around the house or for easy storage
Racing Simulator Completely adjustable seat. wheel, pedal and gear shifter positions
Racing Simulator Compatible with all major wheels

Racing Simulator Can hold upto 3 x 27" screens or upto 1 x 55" screen*
Racing Simulator Can be converted into a Full Flight Simulator Cockpit*
Racing Simulator With the Keyboard and Mouse stand the GTultimate can be converted into a Gaming Cockpit / Computer Desk*

*Optional extra

"I must say, when the Next Level Racing GTUltimate racing rig from Pagnian Imports arrived my first impression was “WOW” what a rig.....The whole package is made with precision and is very well made. The construction is very strong and is very good value for money."

"I’ve been playing this thing flat out; it gives you a true “in-car” feel… The whole system is rock solid and no matter how aggressive you get on the wheel and pedals it keeps its form to offer a true simulation. The seating position is fully adjustable so it will fit every shape and size, so you can’t hog all the fun for yourself."

Dirt Action Magazine


- Absolutely Rock Solid Thick Powdercoated Steel weighing 48kg
- Bulletproof design for the most rigid of uses
- 2 x Gear Shifter adaptors included that differ in angle (can be mounted on left or right sides)
- Adjustable Wheel, pedal and gear Shifter position to suit children all the way to 6ft 9" adults!
- Frame length is adjustable meaning you can have the frame shorter or longer based on your size

- Professional fibreglass racing seat
- Revolutionary Reclining Seat for ultimate comfort
- Large Seat wrap around Seat to suit children all the way to 42” waisted adults
- Includes 4 point Next Level Racing Harness
- Seat slides back and forth like a real car
- Seat reclines back and forth to find the perfect racing position and for additional comfort

- Compatible with all major wheel brands
- Pre-drilled for Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster wheels
- Adjustable to suit children all the way to 6ft 9” adults

What’s included
- Gtultimate Racing Simulator Seat and Frame
- 4 point racing harness
- 2 x Gear shifter adaptors/holders (vary in angle based on your preference)
- Velcro cable ties to keep your setup neat
- Adaptor Pole to attach your Buttkicker Gamer 2 directly under your seat for vibration and effects
- Pedal stopper to hold any pedals in perfect position without them moving at all
- Instruction manual and tools required to assemble
- Next Level Racing lumber support cushion.
*Please Note Steering wheel and electronics are not included

Recommended Accessories
- Racing Floor Mat
- Gaming Desktop
- GTultimate Monitor Stand (Can hold 1-3 screens)
- Gtultimate Keyboard & Mouse stand
- Gtultimate Flight Pack
- Buttkicker Gamer 2, Wireless Kit or LFE Kit to add intense vibration and effects for the ULTIMATE realism

Price: 699.00 (699.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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