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Leather Pilot's Seat w/ Static Base

Leather Pilot's Seat w/ Static Base

Due to size and weight restrictions from our shipping carriers, this item requires special shipping and handling. Please contact our sales department to order.

Quality leather pilot's seat for aviation applications. Pilot (seat back tilt control on the left) and Co-Pilot (seat back tilt control on the right) configurations available.


Ultimate in Comfort
Pilot or Co-Pilot Configuration
Steel Frame
Seat Back Tilt Adjustment
Adjustable Armrests
Removeable Armrests
High Quality and High Durability Leather Seat


Vertically Adjustable Base and Tracks

Weight and Dimensions:

Width 18" Depth 27" Height 43" Weight 54 lbs.

Price: 1,245.00 (1,245.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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