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Working closely with our partners, we offer the newest addition to their fleet of helicopter train-ing devices. From start-up, run up to shut down, HSTD-22 models the form, function and performance of the Robinson R22 piston helicopter. Available with Single seat option or dual seatoption.

The fidelity of this helicopter flight training device gives benefits beyond the instrument, com-mercial, ATP and 7.5 hours VFR flying credits. The accuracy of this trainer allows procedural training for most VFR practical test standards, emergency procedures including brown-out oper-ations and IIMC recoveries. The orientation and size of the visual display gives the correct spa-tial orientation for hover training, confined area landings, pinnacles, auto rotations and deceler-ation manoeuvres.

Features of the HSTD-22 or HSTD-22S include:

* Robinson Cyclic (T-bar)
* Dual-Control, Two-Seat or Single-Seat, Single-Control
* Motion platform* (optional)
* Tablet/handheld based instructor station
* Foreflight, iPad EFB, and PilotEdge PilotEdge ATC Compatible

FAA Credits Awarded:
* 7.5 Toward Private
* 20 Toward Instrument
* 25 Toward Commercial
* 25 Toward ATP
* Instrument Proficiency Checks
* Instrument Currency
* View the FAA Letter of Approval for additional details and part 141 awarded credits.

Additional Options:
* Additional Visuals
* Motion Feedback

Single Pilot Option with single controls is £61000 + VAT

36 Month Lease Rates £195 + VAT per week (Deposit Required)

Price: 70,000.00 (70,000.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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