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Flight Link Anti Torque Pedals

Flight Link Anti Torque Pedals

The Flight Link Anti-Torque Pedals are similar to our Rudder Control Module. Like the RCM, the Anti-Torque Pedals use two commercial quality hydraulic cylinders to simulate the damping effect found while in flight. They are constructed of a heavy gauge steel with a quality industrial finish to provide accurate feel and reliability.

Product Description

Twin heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders assure smooth and realistic in-line travel.
Low center of gravity for stability
Heavy-gauge metal enclosure with industrial finish
Rack and pinion driven for rapid, linear response to input
Yaw potentiometer is rated at one million plus revolutions
One year limited warranty

Compatible Hardware

G-Stick III Plus
G-Stick III T22

Compatible Software

Flight Simulator 98/2000/2002/2004/FSX by Microsoft
X-Plane by Laminar Research


Stand-alone USB interface [add £40]

Price: 735.00 (735.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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