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FAA Maintain Currency at Home

FAA Maintain Currency at Home
FAA Maintain Currency at Home - view 1FAA Maintain Currency at Home - view 2FAA Maintain Currency at Home - view 3FAA Maintain Currency at Home - view 4FAA Maintain Currency at Home - view 5FAA Maintain Currency at Home - view 6FAA Maintain Currency at Home - view 7FAA Maintain Currency at Home - view 8FAA Maintain Currency at Home - view 9FAA Maintain Currency at Home - view 10

FAA Pilot Currency & Training

An amendment to 14 CFR 61.57, the area of the Federal Aviation Regulations that handles recent flight experience requirements for pilots in command, came into effect this week allowing instrument rated pilots to maintain currency in the comfort of their own homes. And adding to the ease of which pilots can keep legal, those pilots no longer need to pay an instructor to hover over them as they shoot approaches on a home-based simulator.

The new rule was part of an overhaul of currency requirements and rules for logging flight time that was published on June 27. There were varying effective dates for the different sections that were modified. The requirement for instrument currency, which must be met every six months, now allows IFR pilots to track radials and fly the required instrument approaches and holding procedures in basic simulators classified as Aviation Training Devices (ATDs). With a starting cost of a little more than £5,000, these devices are affordable enough to keep in the home. Basic ATDs can be purchased from from us. Previously, pilots had to conduct currency flights in devices classified as either Full Flight Simulators (FFS) or Flight Training Devices (FTD), which are unaffordable to most pilots, and an instructor had to observe the flight for it to count toward currency, a rule that added to the expense and need for planning to keep current.

The elimination of the flight instructor requirement that was part of 61.51 (g) was removed on July 27. So now you can literally pick up an ATD and practice approaches and holds any time that is convenient to you.

Our BATD certified by the FAA. Flight Panel, PC, Screen and all Flight Controls, everything you need to get those hours in you Logbook. Check it out.

F.A.A. approved training device that meets and exceeds the requirements specified on AC 61/136A for the Basic Aviation Training Device level (B.A.T.D.).

The product includes - Hardware:
- Instrument panel
- Yoke
- Throttle quadrant
- Rudder pedals
- System computer
- System display
- Instructor station display
- Instructor station keyboard and mouse
- Sound system
- Monitor stand
- Desktop switch

The product includes - Software:
- Main Computer Operating System, Windows7
- Flight Panel Operating System, Windows7
- Flight Simulation Engine, Prepar3D v.2.
- Instructor Station Software (I.O.S.)
- Flight tracking mapping application, Google Earth

The product includes - Documentation:
- Qualification Approval Guide (Q.A.G.)
- Assembly manual
- Operating manual
- Integrated Ground & Flight IR curriculum
- Start up and shut down manual
- Aircraft instruments & performance data
- Aircraft checklists & performances charts

Price: 10,350.00 (10,350.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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