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F-16 Simulator Frame

F-16 Simulator Frame
F-16 Simulator Frame - view 1F-16 Simulator Frame - view 2F-16 Simulator Frame - view 3F-16 Simulator Frame - view 4F-16 Simulator Frame - view 5F-16 Simulator Frame - view 6F-16 Simulator Frame - view 7

F-16 inspired simulator light, MDF frame, already built and painted for you. Delivered in just a few parts, so you may have it all ready in hours, not months! Ideal for the needs of full switch based cockpit or glass cockpit/hybrid builders. Angled sides like in real jet, metal glareshields, cut reflective HUD glass. Solid ACES ejection seat with molded (from real) composite seat back. Produced on modern CNC lines of 30 years experienced company. Material (MDF) easy for your own modifications.

Cuts may be adjusted for you (real switches or touch screens based versions).

Price: 2,950.00 (2,950.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

This Special Price is only available when ordered with the F-16 Simulator MDF Frame

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