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Elite AP4000 Garmin GNS430W GPS Module

Elite AP4000 Garmin GNS430W GPS Module

The all new modular AP-4000 modules enable you to build your own avionics stack

note: requires Elite Version 8.6 software. GNS430 software has fixed database dated Nov. 2007 and is not upgradable.

Important: When the GNS430 software module is selected in ELITE Version 8.5, the ADF and DME will no longer be displayed on the main cockpit screen and therefore will require the actual corresponding hardware units to be present for these to function! In this case the ADF and DME readout will be only via the LED displays on the actual DME and/or ADF hardware unit itself!

GPS based on Garmin GNS430


modular re-arrangeable / re-build to own preferences
USB (lead included)

Price: 300.00 (300.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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