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Desktop Unit

Desktop Unit
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The ELITE iGATE series is a range of technically advanced digital flight training systems designed around ELITE IFR simulation software and the iGATE panel designed by Elite Simulation Solutions. For complete mouse-free operation the FTD (Flight Training Device) comes equipped with a full size replica dashboard, digital LED avionics panel, single or dual heavy duty yoke mechanism and fully integrated knobs and switches.

Another exciting feature is the modular concept of the iGATE AATD. For instance the customer can choose a King Air specific layout, a single engine cockpit layout, and/or a twin engine layout such as the Seneca III on the same flight training device. Because the iGATE is designed for future upgrading owners can later on extend a single pilot iGATE system to a twin pilot iGATE system. Additional optional upgrades feature full size cockpit enclosures and external visual systems.

The iGATE FTD is approved in the USA by the FAA under AC61-136 as an advanced ATD as well as by the Australian CASA FSD as Synthetic Training Device CAT B.

THE iGATE AATD features the latest digital technology and crystal clear LCD displays. These cutting-edge devices uitilize precisely modeled flight dynamics with no analog instruments to calibrate, wear out, or break. Train with accurate cockpit detail for maximum training transference from aircraft systems and avionics to navigation and flight procedures. Multiple aircraft models for training on simple, high performance or twin engine aircraft. On a single trainer, train on advanced avionics such as HSIs, RMIs, flight directors and GPS. Separate graphical instructor's station with print (printer not included) and record capability, comprehensive failure modes & weather modeling. Great for flight schools, FBOs, college flight labs and corporate flight departments. Whether teaching students, pre-hire evaluations or just maintaining proficiency, the iGATE will give you maximum return on your investment.


Totally Integrated System
Single Control Yoke
single/dual engine Piston or dual Turbine
Instructor's Station (screen optional)
Enclosure Optional

Maximum credits available:


Log 2.5 Hrs towards the PRIVATE
Log 20 Hrs towards the INSTRUMENT
Log 25 Hrs towards the ATP
Log 50 Hrs towards the COMMERCIAL
Recent Flight Experience (maintain currency)
Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
Instrument Practical Test (partial)

Approved for following credits in Australia and New Zealand

20 out of the 40 hours required for IR
Cross-country instrument flight
All approaches including GPS non-precision approaches
Recency (includes two out of the three hours per 90 days and all approaches)

Also meets CASA certification for recency credits without requiring an instructor to be present.

Available aircraft layouts for the single pilot iGATE Model G512 are:

Beech Baron B58
Beech Duchess 76
Beech Bonanza A36
Beech King Air B200
Cessna 172R
Piper Archer III
Piper Arrow IV
Piper Seneca III

These devices can be used for research and testing to meet the needs of Higher Education.

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