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Cirrus Rudder Pedals (Boeing Style)

Cirrus Rudder Pedals (Boeing Style)

New for 2014, our Cirrus Rudder Pedals (Boeing Style) provide the look and feel of Boeing jet airliner pedals. The first thing you'll notice about the Cirrus Rudder Pedals (Boeing) are the rugged look, high quality and realistic design. These pedals feature a powder coated solid steel skid base with high impact steel pedals which are mounted to a solid steel tiller bar design that move the pedals forward and aft just like a real airplane. The tiller bar is then mounted to aluminum roll pins which are recessed in oil-lite bushings. Each rudder pedal set is equipped with an additional potentiometer for proportional toe braking. The Cirrus Rudder Pedals (Boeing) work with all PFC products and are custom designed to fit the base of our Jetliner Column Yokes.

Note: Because of the offset location of the pedals you may want to secure the pedals to your floor. We conveniently provide velcro strips to secure the pedals to the floor or carpet.

• X-Plane 8, 9, 10 & 11
• Microsoft Flight Simulator 9, X & Lockheed martin P3D
• Designed to accomodate our Jetliner Column Yokes

• USB (PC and Mac)

• Width 16" Depth 19 1/4" Height 16 1/2' Weight 19 lbs.

Price: 745.00 (745.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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