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C2 Professional Flight Console

C2 Professional Flight Console

The new C2 Professional Desktop Flight Console was engineered from the bottom up including a robust yoke mechanism and our new USB Digital Hardware Controller III . This new controller boasts Edge Card Technology and socketed reprogrammable chips that can be easily upgraded and serviced. No more potentiometers to replace. Unlike competitive products, pitch and roll inputs utilize state-of-the-art hall effect sensors for lifetime fidelity. This results in extreme resolution for exceptional response and improved flight control fluidity. There is simply no better desktop flight console on the market. Available configured with your choice of Beech or Mooney style yoke. Saab, Boeing or OEM Cessna style yokes are available as an upgrade.


X-Plane 8, 9, 10 & 11


USB (PC Only)


Single Engine Throttle-Prop-Mixture Throttle Quadrant
Multi-Engine Throttle-Prop-Mixture Throttle Quadrant


Saab Style Yoke Upgrade
Boeing Style Yoke Upgrade
Cessna (OEM) Yoke Upgrade
Single Engine Quadrants
Multi-Engine Quadrants
Vernier Controls
Turboprop Quadrants
Jet Quadrants

Dimensions and Weight:

Width 31" Depth 16" Height 9" (Top of Arch) Weight 49 lbs.

Price: 4,495.00 (4,495.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

Yoke Options

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