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Advanced T-22 Helicopter Package - FLATHP

Advanced T-22 Helicopter Package - FLATHP

The Flight Link Advanced Rotor-Wing Package with T-22 Stick contains a complete package of controls to enable you to enjoy R22/R44 helicopter simulation out of the box. The package comes complete with the Flight Link G-Stick III+ cyclic with T-22 Stick, the Flight Link C1 collective with throttle, and the Flight Link Anti-Torque Pedals. Options include self-centering cyclic springs, mounting plate for anti-torque pedals and cyclic, and seat with cover and base.

Product Description

Package includes
G-Stick III Plus with T-22 Stick Grip
Anti-Torque Pedals
Collective (with option twist-grip throttle)

Options Available

Seat and Base [add £550]
Centering Springs [add £50]
T22/ATP Base-Plate Set [add £90]
TR-1 Heli Upgrade including Riser [add £1650]

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Price: 2,150.00 (2,150.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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