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USB Yoke System

USB Yoke System

The new Cessna style Yoke System has features only found in a real aircraft. The Yoke can turn left and right 90 degrees for a total of 180 degrees! (Most commerically available yokes are only capable of turning 90 degrees.) The maximum movement in- and out is 170 mm. (Most commercial available yokes can move in and out only 100 mm. maximum, while some do even only 70 mm.)

Due to this wide range of movement, the SimKits Cessna style Yoke behaves very close to the behaviour of the yoke in a real aircraft, so the control over the aircraft is extremely realistic.

The system is made out of metal and quality ABS plastics for the control wheel. The tube is made out of stainless steel and has a fluent travel via nylon bearings to last forever.

The feels and looks of the Yoke are exactly replicated from the Yoke found in a Cessna 172 and other General Aviation aircraft. The kit comes complete with all parts, springs, bearings, potentiometers, printed circuit board and cables and can be connected directly to your computer. The Yoke does not need electrical power.

For sizes see the Product Details. All sizes are in mm. The User and Construction Manual can be found in the Support Section / Document Centre.

Price: 420.00 (420.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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