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USB Key Lock Starter Starter Switch (5 position)

USB Key Lock Starter Starter Switch (5 position)

One of the most difficult parts to find, a real starter switch offering 5 positions:

- OFF - RIGHT MAGNETO - LEFT MAGNETO - BOTH MAGNETO's - START (spring returned to both position)

It is produced from high quality stainless steel. The lock is constructed around a rotary switch and a spring system to return the key position to the "both" position.

The switch positions are 30 degrees from eachother (like in the real aircraft).

The USB Key Lock Starter Switch has a dedicated Microcontroller on board and connects to the PC via a USB cable. The controller also has a 2 position dip switch which gives the possibility to create 4 different ID's. Therefore, in single setup, up to 4 switches can be configured.

Multi- engine aircraft with multiple starter switches can be built using this key switch system.

The USB key Switch comes complete with USB cable and mounting material.

Price: 130.00 (130.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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