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USB Flaps Switch

USB Flaps Switch

The Flaps Switch and Indicator is a replica of the original Cessna 172/182 Flaps Switch and Indicator. The Flaps Switch has 4 positions: Flaps Up, Flaps 10 degrees, Flaps 20 degrees and Flaps 30 degrees.

The indicator is servo driven and indicates when the Flaps have reached their position. Controlled by Microsoft Flight Simulator or the SDK, the indicator "runs behind" as in the original Aircraft.

The set comes with a color print faceplate, mounting screws and all cabling.

The Flaps Switch and Indicator is connected to the PC via USB. A USB cable is incuded.

The picture shown is as when the Flap Switch and Indicator are mounted into a TRC472 panel. The TRC472 Panel is not included.

Price: 240.00 (240.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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