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TRC500 GPS System

TRC500 GPS System

The unique TRC500 is a 100% scale replica of a popular GPS system as which display functionality is also supported by Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004 and FSX.

All buttons and rotary encoders work as you expect them to do and the high resolution TFT screen is to be connected to a second video port (VGA) at your computer, as most computers have an extra video output already available. If not, an additional low cost video card (can be obtained at your local computer store) will be supported by your Windows XP or Vista operating system.

The product comes including the following items:

- High resolution 640 x 480 TFT screen.
- Video cable VGA
- Power Supply (switching 110 - 230v. 50/60 Hz).
- Software to drive it from FS2004 and FSX
- Installation files to display to GPS500 image on the TFT screen

The TRC500 GPS can be mounted in the TRC472 Radio Stack area. As the Radio stack in the TRC472 is built of separate modules, the TRC472 panel has a provision to move (for example) the DME and the Transponder to a mounting hole at the right, making space for the TRC500 GPS to be mounted.

Note: the small knob on the left hand upper corner is for illustration only and has no function.

The monitor settings can be reached from the front of the TRC500 GPS by tiny holes using a small pin or paperclip point.

Sizes: Width 158 mm. height 118 mm. (6.22" x 4.65")

Note: When mounting the TRC500 in the TRC472, the Transponder and DME or ADF will move to the right, where an opening in the panel is foreseen. (which is the mostly used way to do).

Price: 1,525.00 (1,525.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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