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TRC2244 full kit

TRC2244 full kit

The TRC2244 flight deck is a full replica of the Robinson R22 and R44 Helicopter cockpit panel and console. The TRC2244 allows you to train helicopter flight procedures as realistic as you can get!
The TRC2244 is designed to be used at home or in flight schools to learn students to recognize the function of all instruments present in a fully VFR equipped Robinson R22/R44 Helicopter and to learn the procedures for this type of aircraft.

The TRC2244 has the same Cyclic (flight stick) as the real Robinson Helicopter with extendable handle and is equipped with a realistic Collective and Rudder Pedals.

If desired, the TRC2244 can be extended with an extra seat and an extra set of Rudder Pedals (at any time), which makes it a Multi Crew flight simulator! The Cyclic 2nd pilot extention is included in the basic set.

The TRC2244 Flight Simulator hardware is so realistic that you can hardly tell the difference between the simulator and the real aircraft. Modelled after the popular Robinson R22/R44 Helicopter, all details are precisely reproduced according to the exact dimensions of the original panel and console and they can be found in exactly the same position. Using gauges modelled after the original, but designed to be driven from a Personal Computer, the TRC2244 is the ultimate helicopter procedure training device. The TRC2244 is a product out of a complete line of training devices. An additional cockpit enclosure, visual and motion base are optional. Training with the TRC2244 is extremely close to reality, but much more economic and fun.

The TRC2244's gauges and controls are modelled after the original gauges and controls found on the Robinson R22/R44 flight deck. They are not projected on an LCD screen like other flight simulators, but instead are real instruments which feels and looks are just like the original instruments. They are redesigned from scratch to be driven from flight simulator software residing on the Personal Computer, utilizing servomotors and digital electronics. The exact position of the gauges on the panel boosts the important "panel scan" experience, so that once in the real aircraft, your attention can be fully focussed on flying safely.

From the moment you start the engine the adventure begins! The key lock starter switch has the original 5-positions off, right, left, on and start. The realism of TRC's flight training device TRC2244 gives you the thrill of flying almost in a real Robinson Helicopter. Cyclic, Collective and Mixture with real leaning positioning (fine tuning) and replica Rudder Pedals enable you to experience flight training procedures so realistic that you will become a better pilot.

The TRC2244 is controlled by Microsoft Fligth Simulator FS9 or FSX and limited to the functionality of that simulator software. For specifications please see Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004 (FS9) or Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX. The hardware of the TRC2244 follows the information coming from this flight simulator software.
The Microsoft Flight Simulator software (FS9 or FSX) is not included in the price and has to be purchased by the user separately from software vendors.
Knowledge of Microsoft Flight Simulator FS9 or FSX is required to operate the TRC2244 helicopter simulator.
Over 50 of TRC2244 Flight Training Devices are already in use around the world. From Japan to the USA, from Finland to South Africa, from the UK to South America. It's real. It's fun!

Professional/commercial use
When the TRC2244 is purchased with the intention to use it commercially (either for flight procedure training or other commercial purposes) an additional fee for the commercial use is applicable. Therefore in such cases the TRC2244 must be ordered as "TRC2244 with Commercial License". In case the TRC2244 is ordered as a non-commercial version and will be used at any later time for commercial purposes the purchase of a separate "Commercial License Fee" is required prior to commercial use.

The full kit
The kit includes all parts to built a complete flight deck. All parts are in kit form, except the following instruments which are only available as built and tested: Wet Compass, the Radio Stack Modules, the CCU, the Radio Stack Controller, the cyclic, the Collective and the Professional Helicopter Rudder Pedals.
When the kit is used to built a product which will be used professionally (either for flight training procedures or other commercial purposes) an additional fee for the commercial use is applicable and the purchase of a separate "Commercial License Fee" is required prior to commercial use.

The base plate shown on the pictures is not included and only used for demonstration purposes.

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