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TRC2244 Metal parts

TRC2244 Metal parts

The kit TRC2244 Metal parts contains all metal, powder coated aluminum parts laser cut from 1,5 mm. thick (0,06") aluminum which fit precisely together, due to all pre-drilled mounting holes and exact constrction parts.

The kit contains 37 different parts and includes the base for the seat.

The full kit contains all parts to build the complete middle console and seat base for the TRC2244.

The cover plate which hold the Cyclic (flight stick) mechanism is not included and comes with the Cyclic when ordered.

The Collective (to be purchased separately) can be mounted onto the middle console.

The kit comes with all necessary mounting parts like black painted rivets, a rivet tool, plack painted torx screws and a special torx screwdriver, so no tools have to be purchased to build the TRC2244 middle console system.

When assembled it resembles a 100% scale replica of the real R22/R44 middle console and seat base of the Robinson helicopter.

Price: 2,075.00 (2,075.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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