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TRC Helicopter Pedals

TRC Helicopter Pedals

TRC Helicopter Pedals

The new TRC Helicopter Pedals are produced from solid aluminum and stainless steel and feature precision and realistic feel as in a real helicopter. They add realism to your flight simulator package and connect through USB or directly to the CCU when using the TRC2244 setup. The movement is smooth and precisely as in a real aircraft and designed for lifetime operations.

Looking for an upgrade in quality and realism from plastic rudder pedals? These all-metal, FAA and JAA approvable pedals are the perfect complement to any flight simulation workstation.

The TRC Helicopter Pedals are an exact replica of the original Robinson R22/R44 pedals and have the lowest center of gravity compared to any pedals yet on the market due to a unique mechanical design. Tension is provided by high-quality spring loading.

Due to the special design, the TRC Helicopter Pedals can be easily interconnected together at any time to create a dual rudder control system, by simply adding the low cost Rudder Coupler (EUR 28.00). When you'd like to create a dual rudder control, just order another set of Helicopter Rudder Pedals and the Rudder Coupler. There is no need to use an additional USB port or an additional CCU connection for the dual rudder system. The additional rudder set only connects the two rudder systems mechanically together.

From now on the Rudder Pedal system is equipped with an AD Converter, which translates the analog signal to a digital signal. This AD converter improves the precision of the potentiometers enormously from 256 steps to 1024 steps for each potentiometer.

The pedals have their own USB controller incorporated, but they can also be connected directly to the SimKits CCU, up to your choice.
- Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista.
- Compatible with all popular Flight Simulator programs.
- Ergonomic Design
- Solid Stainless Steel Construction
- Rudder Pedals System made of high quality stainless steel
- Self Lubricating
- Expandable to dual rudder
- USB interface

Technical Specifications

Total Height: 195 mm./ 7.7"
Total Width: 357 mm. / 14"
Total Depth: 532 mm. / 20.9"
Total Weight: 12kg./23 lbs.

Compatible Software

- Flight Simulator 98/2000/2002/2004/FSX by Microsoft
- Fly!, Fly!2K and Fly! II by Terminal Reality
- X-Plane (all versions) by Laminar Research
- IL2 Sturmovik
- Lock-on
- Micro-Flight 2 by Ilan Papiny
and many others!

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