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Stencil set

Stencil set

The Simkits Stencil set (11 stencils) made from 1 mm. thick aluminum are the ideal tools to position and draw the cut-outs on your panel.

The TRC metal stencil for panel cut-outs can be used to produce your own panel easily. Just place one of the 11 different stencils onto your panel, use a sharp pin or pencil to draw the exact lines onto your panel and cut them out!

Cut-out stencils for the following instruments are included in the kit
- Large gauge
- Large gauge with additional aperture for 2 knobs
- Large gauge with additional aperture for 1 knob
- Flaps Switch
- Warning panel
- Yoke mount
- Small gauge
- Rocker Switches
- Trim Wheel
- Gear Switch
- Throttle, Mixture and Prop

Download the brochure here: Stencil.pdf

Price: 20.00 (20.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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