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Saitek Radio Panel

Saitek Radio Panel
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Get closer to reality with the Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel, enhance your simulation experience in Microsoft's Flight Simulation X

LED displays work fully in real time with Flight Simulator X, removing the need to use fiddly on screen controls

Mounts onto the Pro Flight Yoke System (sold separately) or into your own home cockpit setup

Autopilot display works in real time with Flight Simulator X, removing the need to use fiddly on screen controls.

This product is also Combat Pilot approved. Combat Pilot is the ultimate combat flying experience created within the Microsoft® Flight Simulator X (sold separately) universe that puts you in the cockpit of realistic combat training.

Learn more about Combat Pilot today!

Connectivity: USB 2.0
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, XP64,Windows Vista (all versions), and Mac OS X


A set of switches and LED displays for use in controlling various aspects of flight simulation

COM1 / COM2 / NAV1 / NAV2 function
DME / ADF / XPDR functions

Works with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and X-Plane 9/10 with additional drivers

Standby switch - set your standby frequencies and then set to active at the touch of a button

Twin concentric adjustment dials adjust frequency units incrementally for quicker selection of your required frequency

Multiple Radio Panels will allow simultaneous display of the various radio stack functions

Price: 190.00 (190.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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