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Motorised Trim Wheel

Motorised Trim Wheel

The Motorized Trim Wheel is a fully automated trim wheel which can be operated both manually and automatically. When the alt autopilot is engaged, the trim will follow the autopilot trim and will stay at the correct setting. Even when the trim wheel is turned while engaged it will return to the correct trimmed position. The Motorized Trim Wheel can be used for both pitch trim as rudder trim.

Although smaller, the working is very close to the original trim wheel. 5 turns moves the pointer from "Nose Up" to "Nose Down", just like in a real Cessna 172.

The new Powered USB Trim Wheel is electrically controlled by the Auto pilot when activated.

As the electronics have a dipswitch to set the identity, up to 2 Trimwheels can be used in a single setup (for example one for elevator trim and the other for rudder trim).

The Trim Wheel is produced from high quality, heavy massive plastic and a high quality 5-turn potentiometer is used to read the position information available from the USB controller.

The mounting holes are positioned to fit the Trim Wheel in the TRC472 panel.

The Trim Wheel comes with the necessary screws for mounting.

Price: 375.00 (375.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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