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Mixture Control

Mixture Control

The mixture is not a replica, but an original high quality mixture as used in light aircraft. (It is constructed according FAA regulations). The casing (from quality finished aluminum) has Teflon inner liner for low friction. Features stainless steel end fittings, swivel, and end rod. Furnished with FAA-style Red knob and leaning possibility (fine tuning). Travel: 3-3/8".

The mixture comes with a 10Kohm slider potentiometer and necessery screws for mounting.

It can be connected to the SimKits CCU or can be used in any flight simulator environment.

The use of the Throttle/Mixture/Prop Adjust PCB is recommended. This PCB simplifies also the connection of the Flap Switch and Flap Indicator Servo to the CCU. See the "Controllers & Electronics Section".

You'll need the PCB for Throttle, Mixture and Propeller adjust to get this product to work.

Price: 225.00 (225.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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