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KT76C Transponder

KT76C Transponder

Like other Mode A/Mode C transponders, the KT 76C replies with any one of 4,096 codes, which differ in the position and number of pulses transmitted. By "replying" to ground transmissions, your KT 76C enables ATC computers to display aircraft identification, altitude and ground speed on Enroute, Approach or Departure Control radar screens. When the IDENT button is pressed, your simulated aircraft will be positively identified to the Air Traffic Controller. The KT 76C also displays Flight Level Altitude, marked by the letters "FL" and a number in hundreds of feet, on the left side of the display. A 26-pole flatcable including connectors to connect to the RSC board is included. You will need the Radio Stack Controller Board to connect this module to your PC. The dimensions are: (WxDxH): 160x50x44 mm. / 6.3"x1.968"x1.732"

You will need the Mounting Set or the Radio Stack Cabinet in order to mount the radio modules.

Price: 345.00 (345.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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