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Cirrus Cessna Yoke

Cirrus Cessna Yoke

This yoke is the real deal! Original OEM Cessna yoke on our Cirrus Desktop Yoke enclosure. Each of our Cirrus yokes is installed into a steel powder coated chassis and is mounted to a precision ground, plated and polished shaft. The yoke movement is guided by precision ball bearings and self-aligning bushings which ensure a smooth and realistic feel throughout the control movement. All yokes have functional switches and a separate push-pull throttle. Hall effects is now standard on these yokes (Manufactured in USA)

All pricing includes VAT, Customs Duty, Shipping from USA and all import charges.


Solid Cast Aluminum Powder Coated Yoke
6 Programmable Switches
Separate Push/Pull Throttle


X-Plane XP8, XP9, XP10 & XP11
Microsoft Flight Simulator 9, X & Lockheed Martin P3D



USB (PC and Mac)

Dimensions and Weight:

Width 14" Depth 12" Height 5" Weight 19 lbs.

Price: 2,245.00 (2,245.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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