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Cessna Citation Mustang Simulator

Cessna Citation Mustang Simulator
Cessna Citation Mustang Simulator - view 1Cessna Citation Mustang Simulator - view 2Cessna Citation Mustang Simulator - view 3Cessna Citation Mustang Simulator - view 4Cessna Citation Mustang Simulator - view 5Cessna Citation Mustang Simulator - view 6Cessna Citation Mustang Simulator - view 7

Our very own designed Cessna Citation Mustang Simulator.

10.4" G1000 PFD Pilot Side
10.4" G1000 PFD Co-Pilot Side
15" G1000 MFD
Audio Panel

Control loaded Dual Yoke and Rudder Pedals
High End Luxury seats with full movement
Throttle Quadrant with
- Working trim wheel with working indicator.
-Engine pull handles for engine shutdown and engine start.
- Engraved backlit panels.
- Independent thrust levers and mechanical detents.
- Lever handle side switches for speed brakes and GA switches.
- 3 position flap lever with push down activation as the real aircraft.
- All alluminium construction and procedure trainer quality.
- Engine sync switch.

All working gauges & switches
Left / Right Panel Switches
Realistic Citation Landing Gear
Citation Test Panel
Oxygen Supply Panel
IAS Placard
Left / Right Circuit Breaker Panel
Lighting Panel
Oxygen Control Valve Panel

Full size Fibreglass Cockpit

So much more affordable than others with the full Garmin G1000 Trainer System built in.

Available with various Visual options including:

Single Channel Projection onto Flat Screen
Dual / Triple Projection System with Cylinder screen
Dome Visual Projection System.

Please contact us for more details..... available for immediate delivery

Price: 85,000.00 (85,000.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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