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CATIII BATD - FAA and Transport Canada Approved BATD ...and Now CASA Approved!

CATIII BATD - FAA and Transport Canada Approved BATD ...and Now CASA Approved!

Our CAT III Desktop BATD builds upon the success of our popular CAT II system. With added features like a manual and electric trim wheel, panel surface lighting, digital clock/timer and more, we have taken the BATD to the next level. The inclusion of the Instructor's Operating Station (IOS) as a standard feature provides complete control of the simulation. The ability to log instrument experience (currency) on this system further enhances its versatility and affordability. System is fully upgradeable to a CAT III ProPanel, CR-12 AATD or CR-12 AATD ProPanel system.

Connectivity: USB (PC Only)

Compatibility: X-Plane 8, 9 (FAA Approval), 10 & 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Lockheed martin P3D

Prices start at £11300 for a complete FAA Approved BATD system


C2 Professional Flight Console
Single Engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture
Multi-Engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture
Cirrus Rudder Pedals (General Aviation)
Digital Avionics Standard
PFC 430W GPS Control Interface
Reality XP Professional GNS 430W/530W XP Software
X-Plane Professional Software
24" Widescreen LCD Display (Pilot's)
24" Widescreen LCD Display (Instructor's Operating Station)
Computer System Extreme w/ SATA Drive
Back-up System Hard Drive
33 Aircraft (Single and Multi-Engine) Fleet


Digital Avionics Enhanced
PFC 530W GPS Module
Instructor’s Operating Station (IOS) Desk
FlightLine Seat
FlightStation Adjustable Table
Leather Pilot’s Seat w/ Static Base
Turboprop Add-on Kit for Desktop Systems
Jet Add-on Kit for Desktop Systems

Dimensions and Weights:

C2 Professional Flight Console: Width 31" Depth 16" Height 9" Weight 49 lbs.
Digital Avionics Standard: Width 9" Depth 9" Height 21" Weight 20 lbs.
Cirrus Rudder Pedals General Aviation: Width 16" Depth 19 1/4" Height 12" Weight 18 lbs

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Price: 12,300.00 (12,300.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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