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C1 Collective with Throttle

C1 Collective with Throttle
C1 Collective with Throttle - view 1C1 Collective with Throttle - view 2C1 Collective with Throttle - view 3C1 Collective with Throttle - view 4

The C1 Collective can be used in conjunction with the G-Stick III, G-Stick III Plus and Anti-Torque Pedals (or Rudder Control Module) to give rotor wing pilots the most accurate flight simulation experience. The Collective consists of a stainless steel lever, a friction knob positioned on the side of the Collective to control lever resistance, and a twist grip throttle (on C1 model). The Collective can be used with most flight simulation software and can also be used as a throttle control for most fixed wing software.


Specifications - durable metal construction, USB port, 19 inches long, 3.9 inches wide, 6.7 inches high, total weight- 1.4 pounds.

Compatible hardware
Anti-torque Pedal
Cyclic stick

Compatible Software:
FS9, FSX, XPlane, and Pepar3D

2 years warranty

Price: 775.00 (775.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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