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6 Rotary Encoder Unit

6 Rotary Encoder Unit

The 6 rotary knobs and PCB Assembly to adjust the settings of the Altimeter Pressure, Heading, Autopilot Heading Bug, VOR1, VOR2 and ADF settings. The PCB comes complete with rotary encoders, Knobs and flatcable and connectors (all built and tested) and can be connected to the Radio Stack Controller Board. This board is usefull when a flight simulator setup is used where the flight panel gauges are displayed on the screen.

When Simkits replica gauges are used, the knobs are already present on the gauges and the function can be disabled in the radio stack software.

The knobs are shown as built into the Radio Stack cabinet. The PCB is delivered including the plastic knobs. The cabinet part is not included.

Price: 85.00 (85.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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