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XFONE is the latest Flight Seat developed for flexibility, ease of hardware intallation and multifunctional.

XF ONE's strong steel frame holds XTOP, Seat, Triple Monitors, Side Steps, PC and Cabling into one single unit. Detachable sections of XF ONE allows for simple relocation.


Adjustable Triple Monitor Arms
Adjustable Foot Rest
Adjustable Seat
Pro Flight YOKE System, Throttle Quadrant / TPM, Rudder Pedals
2.1 Surround Sound System
Aircraft Control Panels
Rack Style ON-Board PC

Instrument panels x6
Switch panel x1
Radio panel x1
Multi panel x1

Optional: Pro flight headset x1, Saitek BIP panel x1, Saitek TPM x1, Saitek TQ x1

Price: 9,950.00 (9,950.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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