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USB Altimeter

USB Altimeter

The USB controlled Altimeter is is a very precise replica of an original General Aviation Altimeter and has a double pressure scale for Inches (as used in the USA and UK) and Millibar (as used a.o. in other countries in Europe).

The Altimeter has 3 indicators: a 100-feet pointer, a 1000-feet pointer and a 10,000-feet indicator disc. The Altimeter pointers are driven by a special, modified servomotor which is able to run continuously.

You can regulate the air pressure scale by means of a dial on the lower left hand side of the instrument.

Included in the intrument is an electronics board with a dedicated Microprocessor. This Microprocessor connects to your PC via the included USB cable. The instrument is equipped with lighting which can be regulated by the USB Light Regulation (separately available) or via software. Also a USB cable is included.

It is constructed from high quality ABS and all parts are plastic injection molded for precise fit. The scale is high resolution print.

Up to 2 pcs. of the same type of instrument can exist in a single panel setup, allowing you to build a full dual equipped instrument panel if needed. The "identity" of the product for the software drivers can be set by means of a switch on the back of the instrument.

Commercial / training use

The price level of this product is for private use only and carries a warranty for 1 year. When used for commercial applications or training use (or any other use than personal / private by one person) an additional license fee is required.
The purchase of one license fee is required for each single instrument used in applications other than personal/private and can be purchased here:
When the commercial license fee is purchased, the warranty on a built product is extended to 2 years

Price: 315.00 (315.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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