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The TRC472 Cabinet and Glareshield

The TRC472 Cabinet and Glareshield

The TRC472 Cabinet and Glareshield is a combination of the Glareshield which is vacuum formed from 5 mm., leatherprint, non flammable black ABS plastics in combination with an aluminium frame consisting of 3 mm. thick aluminium panels and 1 mm. thick bended, white powdercoated panels to form the full cabinet.

The panel can be easily mounted into this cabinet and fits exactly.

It comes with a detachable back plate with mounting slots which hold the back panel mounting system. It can be opened any time and gives full access to all instruments. It has a provision to mount a pedestal Wet Compass on top (the compass is not included).

It is the latest development in cabinet building and has the looks and feels of an original aicraft fuselage.

The new Cessna style Yoke system fits exactly into this cabinet.

Untill now, shipping a cabinet of this size was almost more expensive than the cabinet itself. The new construction system enables shipping as an almost flat package. The panels are all predrilled and the package includes rivets and a rivet tool for easy assembly (within 1 hour). No further tools are necessary to complete the cabinet.

A step-by-step, illustrated assembly manual can be downloaded from the website support section.

Price: 590.00 (590.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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