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TRC 372 Panel Painted and Printed

TRC 372 Panel Painted and Printed

This panel is made from high quality aluminium, thickness 3 mm. (0.12”) and has provisions for 10 large gauges and 5 small gauges cut out by precison laser technique. The rectangular opening at the top gives space for a warning panel. At the left down hand corner are holes for a standard power switch as they come with an AT 200Watt power supply and a round hole to fit the potentiometer for light regulation.

The aluminium panel is epoxy powdercoated in light grey and printed with white and black text. It fits all SimKit gauges perfectly! The hole for the yoke is simulated by black print. A hole can be cutted at the same position to provide space for a yoke tube.
This is the same panel as used in the TRC372 Basic ATD.

Exact dimensions can be found in the Autocad file here.

Price: 250.00 (250.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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