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Radio Stack Tower

Radio Stack Tower

The RS372 Radio Stack Tower is a complete stand-alone set of avionics:

KMA28 Audio Panel
KT76CT Transponder
KAP140 Autopilot

TRC's Radio Stack RS372 for Flight Simulation is so realistic that you can hardly tell the difference between the simulated Radio Stack and the real Bendix King Silver Line* products. Modelled after the most popular Radio Stack, as used in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk*, all details are precisely reproduced extremely close to the exact dimensions of the original radios.

The stack is constructed as a modular system. Each radio is a separate module and connected via a ribbon cable to the built in Radio Stack Controller, a microprocessor board which connects to your PC via USB running Flight Simulator Software. You can therefore change the order of how the radios fit in your panel.

The cabinet includes the RSC Controller board and the Power Supply.

The cabinet is also equipped with 6 rotary knobs to adjust the settings of the Altimeter Pressure, Heading, Autopilot Heading Bug, VOR1, VOR2 and ADF settings. This function is usefull when a flight simulator setting is used where the flight panel is displayed on the screen. This function can be disabled when the radio stack is used in combination with the simulated hardware gauges.

If you want to combine the KAP140 autopilot unit with a trim wheel, it's recommended to use the motorized USB trim wheel.

Price: 2,900.00 (2,900.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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